Data snapshot

Snapshot October 5th, 2022

UniChain Core Node: (md5:f630e9e54bb4b9fcc81d2d52d99d9500)

Snapshot October 25th, 2021

UniChain Core Node: (md5:3d08fefa38bac22de6a62127ca79d39d)

UniChain Relay Node: (md5:980aee45fe4dc515fac766f8c7ad7410)

Please check MD5 of the file by running the command below

openssl md5 file_name

openssl md5

MD5( f630e9e54bb4b9fcc81d2d52d99d9500


Download UniChain core, relay node and Wallet CLI from Release software

Quick guide

Quick guide to run node and sync with snapshot data on linux

> mkdir node

> cd node

> wget[version]/unichain-core.jar

Download the newest snapshot data above, unzip and move the unichain folder to the node folder created above

Folder structure should look like below

+ node


  + unichain

     + database

     + index

Then run the following command

> java -jar unichain-core.jar